Incorporated in 1960, Harliss Specialties Corporation has
accumulated over 56 years of experience in the welding, machining and
fabrication business, offering custom fabrications from light gauge sheet metal
to heavy steel plate and structural weldments.

Our welders are qualified and certified to ASME Sec. IX for
all types of metals including Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel,
Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium and Zirconium.

Our extensive fabricating, welding and machine shop
equipment is used to aid us in our desire for continued growth and to expand
our diversification to cope with the ever changing advances in technology.

ASME Code Vessels

    Harliss Specialties designs and builds tanks and heat exchangers to ASME Section VIII Div. I requirements. We have experience with registering code vessels with Canadian provinces, GOST certification and PED Requirements. We can also modify and repair pressure vessels using our “R” Stamp.

ASME / TEMA Heat Exchangers

Harliss is able to design Heat Exchangers to meet the TEMA and ASME code requirements. Thermal design is completed by using HTRI software and the mechanical design is completed using CEI Software.

Miniature Tanks

Harliss Specialties build miniature tanks either custom designed or designed based on our standard stock components. We manufacture miniature tanks in aluminum, hastelloy, monel, inconel, alloy 20, stainless steel or just carbon steel.


We are experts at rolling and forming. If need be we will design tooling to form your part. With our computer software we can develop, cut and form, any elbow, transition or cone you might need.


Our machine shop has a NC drilling machine, 72" boring mill, turret lathes, engine lathes and milling machines.


In Line Welding Fixtures - (1) overhead with 10' travel, (1) overhead with 5' travel, (1) over mandrel with 12' travel

(1) over mandrel with 6' travel Welding Positioners - (8) 200# ,(3) 1,000#,(4) 3,000# ,(1) 4,000#

(12 sets) Turning Rolls - 4,000# - 25,000#

(2) Semi-automatic Head Welding Lathes Spot Welders - (1) 15 KVA & (1) 20 KVA

(17) Stick Welders - 250 to 400 amp AC/DC

(15) Tig Welders - 250 to 500 amp AC/DC

(24) Mig Welders - 250 to 500 amp AC/DC

(2) Submerged ARC Welding - 600 am

Submerged Arc Welding 1,000 amp AC/DC

Fadal VMC 6030

Colchester 17" x 6' C to C with gap bed

Clausing 12" x 3' C to C

King Vertical Boring Mill - 60" facing x 42"

Takisawa 18" x 4' C to C with gap bed

American 18" x 4' C to C

Warner Swasey - Turret Lathe No. 2A

Warner Swasey - Turret Lathe No. 4

Voest-Alpine - 16" x 5' C to C

Gisholt - Turret Lathe No. 2L

Van Norman - combination Vertical/Horizontal Milling machine

Siamp - Vertical Milling machine

Radial Arm Drill Press -10" stroke x 48" x 48" reach Maximum drill size 3" dia.

CNC Controlled W.A. Whitney Panelmaster. Unit has a 30 T punch & 1/2" thick plasma cutting cap. Throat depth is 48"

CNC Controlled Burning Center – K.N. Aronson; Flame cutting & Plasma cutting. Plate capacity 10' wide x 30' lg. Flame cutting capacity 4" thk. Plasma cutting capacity 4" thk.

Press Brake - 12' x 200 T

Press Brake - 10' x 100 T w/CNC gages

Press Brake - 6 1/2' x 45 T (1) & (1) 25 T

Hydraulic Press - 100 T 12"

Stroke - 21" x 31" bed

Bending Rolls - 12' x 1/2" thick cap.

Bending Rolls - 6' x 1/4" gage cap.

Bending Rolls - 6' x 16" gage cap.

Hydraulic Shear - 12' x 1/2" cap.

Air Powered Shear - 4' x 11 gage cap.

Iron Worker - 70 T cap. 5" x 5" x 1/2" angle cutter Hole size: 1 1/16" Dia. thru 3/4" thick plate

(5) Floor Type Drill Press - 1/2" & 3/4"

(2) Marvel Brand Vertical Band Saws - 18" x 18" Cap.

Power Hack Saw - 12" x 12" cap.

Abrasive Cut Off Saws - 16" & 20" dia.

(4) Plasma Cutting Torches - hand held portable units

Fork Lift - 4,000 lb. Cap.

Fork Lift - 8,000 lb. Cap.

Fork Lift - 12,000 lb. Cap.

Mobile Crane - 12T Cap.

(15) Overhead Cranes 1 to 20T Cap

Harliss Specialties not only has fabrication capabilities but we have the capability to design your product.
Below are a few of our capabilities:

Code Calculations to ASME Section VIII Division I

Design of pressure vessels & heat exchangers to code

Seismic load calculations

Wind load calculations

Nozzle load calculations

Design of hoppers and storage tanks

FEA Analysis
Pressure Vessel
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Pressure Vessel
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Pressure Vessel
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You may contact us using the following:

Harliss Specialties Corporation
P.O. Box Drawer "R" Biddle Road
Irwin, PA 15642
Telephone: 724-863-0321
FAX : 724-864-7011